Art New York

⭐️ Body mandalas in the big 🍎 May 2-5 Pier 94 New York. Fifth edition Art New York with Smith-Davidson Gallery Stand #404

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Kunst RAI

My work will be at KunstRAI Amsterdam art fair 17-22 April 2019 at RAI exhibition and convention centre in Amsterdam with Smith-Davidson Gallery. The fair was established in 1985 and therefore is one of the oldest in the world. 

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Miami Art Week

As every year, December is the month to be in Miami, as Art Basel and many other fairs and galleries showcase amazing work of artists from around the globe.

I’ll be premiering my Golden Ballerina Body Mandalas in ArtMiami with the amazing Smith-Davidson Gallery - Stand #516. See you there!


Marriott Hotel

My work can be seen at the Marriott Hotel in Amsterdam as part of a preview from upcoming PAN Amsterdam Art Show in RAI Convention Center. They look amazing at the Restaurant and Bar area. Check them out! (Address: Stadhouderskade 12, 1054 ES Amsterdam, Netherlands )


PAN Amsterdam

After months of planning my Golden Ballerina Body Mandala Series I’m super exited to finally share it to the world in an international art fair: PAN Amsterdam.

From November 18 until th 25th my new work will be displayed there with the amazing Smith-Davidson Gallery.

This series is somehow special to me as I’m introducing themes and more elements to my body mandalas like professional ballet dancer, body painting and baller shoes/pointes.

I’ve always loved ballet. Since I was little, my father took me to the “Teatro Colón” in Buenos Aires Argentina to watch amazing performances. The exquisite mix between delicacy, strength, movement and harmony really blends with my body mandala technique. I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

PAN Amsterdam

CGTN TV Interview

Thanks CGTN America for this interview at Smith-Davidson Gallery and my home studio.
CGTN- China Global Television Network brings you news from around the globe.

"Some forms of art are difficult to describe in words. You need to see them to understand what they are. Such is the work of a visual artist from Argentina who now lives in Florida. He created an exhibit that features images that use the form of the female body. They are called “body mandalas.” They've been described as being sensual, intriguing and experimental. The creator of this contemplative collection is Federico Bianchi. He is our Urban Voice. In Argentina, Federico hails from a family with painting and engraving skills on his mother’s side and musical skills on his father’s side. That combination helped lead him down the path to get audiovisual training with an emphasis on video. "