W Hotel Miami

Body mandalas at the W Hotel Miami thanks to Smith-Davidson Gallery.
If you are in the financial district in Miami, you can stop by and see 3 of my body mandalas. I think they blend nicely to the whole ambiance. Cheers!



Zona Maco Foto in Mexico

Exited to be participating in @zonamacofoto Mexico's international fair from September 20-24 at Centro Citibanamex Mexico City. Take a closer look to my work at the amazing Smith-Davidson Gallery booth @smithdavidsongallery
More info  http://zsonamaco.com

Participando en la feria internacional @zonamacofoto en Ciudad de Mexico del 20 al 24 de Septiembre en el Centro Citibanamex. Acérquense a ver mi obra en la fantástica galería Smith-Davidson Gallery @smithdavidsongallery
More info  http://zsonamaco.com


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 12.25.40 PM.png

Color Body Mandalas

After several weeks of research and tests, I now feel very happy with my findings.

I've created a color wheel with 60 degrees separation, based on a main color created from fibonacci's numbers as starting point.

This numbers and angles combinations gave me an hexagon that I then duplicate it and applied a 30 defrees rotation. All this process gave me a beautiful 12 color selection. I feel they ad a beautiful harmony to my body mandala creation. I hope you like it too.